The Urban Collection: A Tailored Palette of 7 Watercolors

I am thrilled to announce my collaboration with the Art to Basic, on the launch of the Urban Collection, a one-of-a-kind watercolor palette.

The Urban Collection is a carefully curated set of seven beautiful watercolor shades, each personally selected by me. What truly sets this palette apart is that every color has been handcrafted and ecofriendly.

The seven watercolors are perfect for painting street scenes, and other urban landscapes

Shadow – A deep, rich Payne´s Grey with indigo that is perfect for capturing the shadows of buildings and other structures.

Plaster – A soft, muted yellow ocher that is perfect for painting the walls of buildings and other surfaces.

Reflection – A light blue that is perfect for reflecting the blues sky in windows!

Oak – A warm, reddish brown that is perfect for painting wooden surfaces, such as fences, benches, and doors.

Ivy – A deep, rich green that is perfect for painting plants and other greenery.

Brickwork – A warm, reddish brown that is perfect for painting brick walls and other brick structures.

Marble – Perfect for natural stone surfaces