Watercolor Urban Illustration: Portray your City

Discover the enchanting world of urban watercolor illustration in my new online course on Domestika.

Urban life is full with hidden beauty, and in this course you’ll learn to transform the mundane into the magical through watercolors and fine liners. This course is your ticket to unveiling the vibrant, artistic soul within you, even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before.

What You Will Learn

In my online course, you will explore the fundamentals of urban illustration, perspective and shading. I will reveal my unique techniques for working with watercolors, including the art of painting bricks and pavement. Finally you will select a charming shopfront as your final project and bring it to life with expressive brushstrokes and vibrant colors.

What you will get

What We Will Do...

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Below, I will answer the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments below!

My online course will be online from February 28, 2024

You will have unlimited access forever!

The name of my course is “Watercolor Urban Illustration: Portray your City”. And also it has a short title that is used in some graphic materials “Learn watercolor urban illustration”.

This course is for beginners, it will help you discover the creative side of yourself, even if you’ve never painted before.