My Global Journey in Shopfront Portraits

Curious to explore the projects I’ve been working on? This page offers a selection of shopfront portraits of local businesses in their unique glory. From cozy cafes to colorful boutiques, my artistic journey has led me to collaborate with shopkeepers from around the globe!

Interested? Explore a selection of portraits on this page, or reach out if you would like to collaborate too.

Teamwork makes the dream work
John C. Maxwell

Het Dropwinkeltje, Sneek (The Netherlands)

To honor their 50th anniversary, I painted the facade of this candy shop in Sneek, called Het Dropwinkeltje. The illustration is will feature on various packaging, including a candy tin. You can also find the framed illustration proudly displayed in their shop.

Jewelry AlKhatib, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

For a jewelry store nestled within Dubai’s iconic Gold Souk, I created this illustration capturing the allure of its traditional Arabic shopfront. This artwork pays homage to the rich heritage and intricate beauty found within the heart of the bustling marketplace.

Rae's Glasses, London (UK)

Using fibrant watercolors, I crafted a portrait of a charming pink shopfront nestled in the heart of London. This optician’s boutique boasts a stunning collection of retro glasses, and I hope that my artwork captured the essence of it.

Tease Me, Aix-en-Provence (France)

In collaboration with Tease Me, an emerging brand dedicated to crafting innovative and eco-friendly hair clips, I created a dream store. The vision of Tease Me is simple yet profound: to offer a haven for those who seek beauty with a conscience.