Master fineliner and watercolor to create captivating shop front illustrations

Discover the enchanting world of urban watercolor illustration in my new online course on Domestika.

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Learn perspective, shading and breathe life into your artwork

In this online course, you will explore the fundamentals of urban illustration, perspective, and shading.

I will reveal my unique techniques for working with watercolors, including the art of painting bricks and pavement. Together, you will select a charming shop as your final project and bring it to life with the techniques you have learned.

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shading on a tree


I will teach you how to master shading in watercolor. You'll learn to use the transparent nature of the paint and the layering of washes to achieve stunning shading effects, adding depth and realism to your artwork.


Brick Work

I'll teach you various techniques for painting bricks. You'll learn different methods to create realistic brick textures and patterns using watercolor, allowing you to add detail to your architectural illustrations.

From drawing to painting

I'll cover everything from drawing to painting, including materials and techniques. You'll learn all the fundamentals needed to create beautiful shopfront, from sketching out your ideas to bringing them to life with watercolor paint.

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