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By becoming a patron, you’ll gain access to some fantastic perks. Each month, I’ll release new digital coloring pages for you to enjoy, and additionally I’ll provide step-by-step scans to guide you through the coloring process, ensuring you have an incredible coloring experience.

Depending on the tier you choose, you’ll also receive monthly tutorials and high quality scans. This exclusive community is the perfect place for us to come together, share our artistic journeys, exchange ideas, and inspire one another.

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Madame Jeanette

With this tier you will gain exclusive access to one new monthly image featuring charming shopfronts from across the world, yours to download and color.

Take your pick between the black and gray versions and follow along with step-by-step scans to perfect your coloring process. Plus, explore a diverse library of coloring pages, ready to be colored by you.

Price $1 / month

Bettys Tea Rooms

With this tier you will get exclusive access to two new images per month featuring charming storefronts from around the world that you can download and color.

Choose between the black and gray versions and follow the step-by-step scans to refine your coloring technique.

As a patron of this level, you also receive a downloadable high-quality scan for printing, a diverse library of coloring pages and tutorials, and monthly watercolor and drawing lessons in PDF format.

Price $2 / month

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